Do you dare to…

…dare to… attack the patriarchal system
where men have the power, the control?

The brain is the master. Emotions, sensitivity and intuition are second-handed and even worse, in the macho system. The academies educate their students to stay focused and awake in the physical environment. Brain-people are excellent calculators. In politics and business they shine like bright stars for the sake of being in command, to get money, status and be the mega-mega great one, the best and the only one that know.. always to know whatever there is to know. They are never wrong. Put that in mind. Their aching inferiority complex cannot admit and accept anything wrong at all.

They use diplomas, awards, points or whatever heavy hullabaloo to knock on the table to show how great and important they are… that’s great!

Religions are a sneaky way of patriarchal dominance. Patriarchal political systems, with male as the leaders, also function to the advantage of male power. They are just crazy to be the great controllers. Megalomania sparkle as diamonds in their mind. They are excellent to use violence… guns and muscles… war is big business for them. With their yelling inferiority complexes hiding behind their masks, they boast about what great they can do for you, everyone and everything… sometimes it is just funny how stupid they are but, sometimes it is devastating because of their ignorance.

They have managed to convince people that being educated in academies and, other brain related institutions, is the best way of becoming great and successful in life. In those institutions is brain the big winner. They can tell you that emotions, sensitivity and intuitions are something faraway waving stuff that do not have importance in the reality of life and living.

They love to
…and they are not open to criticising. They clutch on to their power by using arrogance as a weapon to minimize and belittle anyone who do not agree with their ‘’intelligent’’ way of thinking and arguing. Of course… it shows how weak and pitiful they are…
…and our world
our earth
when those square-brained mini stars
bully their way ahead

They are greedy as parasite mushrooms for money, status, power… to hide their miserable feeling of being nobody. Funny beings! – but – they are dangerous when they use their brutality to force their way of getting it their way.

what can we do about it?
is it possible to
do anything about it?

It is about to get a balance. To get female power on the same level as male power.