Spiritual guide – pastel

If you are interested in developing your psychic abilities, a guide will help you

to be more conscious about your

physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of you,

compared to where you are in your development.

You are your own healer and, your guide helps you about health… in general and with specific problems.

Know - It is only one as you.

Spiritual guides can appear in different appearances. They are coming from different dimensions. Some come to give information about difficult self-development and, act as inputs of important information about safety


Self-development is a challenging journey to travel on and, the guides are eager supporters in difficult times.

Positivism can be a trap to suppress your pain, wounds etc. Be open to the reality of negativity and be guided to sort it out

A picture of a guide, hanging on the wall, may give you help in your everyday life.

Yes, life is ups and downs and, it is crucial to learn about it via guides.

Tomorrow will always be tomorrow… will never be today… the guides tell you to live today.

Your spiritual guide is your spirit to help you develop the best possible way for you to live a good life.

It helps you through your intuition by giving you inputs of how to handle daily situations.


It is important to feel safe and, focus what you need, when it comes to learn to know yourself and, your emotinal depth within you.
It will give you strength to be the one you are – to - BE YOU.


Every drawing is a tribute to the guide as well as to the owner of the picture.


My name is genio. I am an artist – drawing, painting, writing and singer/songwriter.
I have painted guides in oil painting but, I am also drawing guides with pastel or, in pencil and charcoal (as showed here).