Huldra is a tempting beautiful woman in Norse mythology, living in the mountains and the deep woods. They can be seen close to the woods. With her seductive beauty, she lures young men to follow her into the woods. They can sing and play violin so overwhelmingly beautiful that men become paralyzed, spellbound and, by her fascinating appearance as a supersensual magic being, they lose their common natural awareness... and follow her without hesitation. They are never seen again. They disappear into the woods.

She has a cow tail.Men are told to look if they can see it, hanging down from under their skirt... and if they discover the tip of a cow tail... they should at once walk away from the tempting fascinating being.

It may happen that a hulder marry a human being. Then she loses her cow tail and, she can give birth to babies of human being origin.

It has been played many pieces of music that violin players have learned from hulders. It is hypnotic and call for the deep luscious chambers within our emotional life, as well as joyful and ecstatic rhythms and mood.