genio started when he was six years old to play piccolo flute, because he was so small as a piccolo flute, almost, in a brass band in his hometown Rjukan; a little valley town in south of Norway, a gap in the mighty mountain plateau; Hardangervidda, where the proud mountain Gausta towers as the highest mountain in south Norway, and … the mountain Gausta is the home of the mighty Gausta Troll.

It’s said … this is the reason genio was born with widespread flowering imagination … which covers everything from fairy tales to reality … and beyond … and back again …

… and he continued from piccolo flute to b-cornet, to trumpet and continued into rhythm instruments, where he was stuck for years and years, playing in bands. His incurable appetite to experience everything between everything and nothing, made him, in his youth, become a seaman, and he became a circumnavigator; three times around our planet.

Back home, he went on with his investigation about life in other ways.

He got a guitar into his hands and started writing songs when he had learned his first three guitar cords. Writing songs took off into more writing … plus … a habit he had practised since he was seven years old; … drawing … popped up as a burning need for being explored more, and more, and it developed into painting. 

- He explored himself and life between music, writing, drawing and painting.

It developed, and developed … and still develops … - * Music as a part of writing and writing as a part of music, and reciting or singing his expressions, which makes him a singer/songwriter.

* Drums, different drums and other percussion instruments, didgeridoo and chanting, alone or in bands. – * Writing; songs, poems, books or writing words in whatever suitable and necessary way in the moment. – * Drawing and painting. Paintings carried out in oil. – * Making videos, where he puts his unlimited free flow into action … as good as he can.


Painter, musician, singer/songwriter, poet, video producer


Started drawing and using colours at the age of 7 years.

20 years old - painted the first oil painting. First collective exhibition; 23 years old. First separate exhibition; 25 years old.


Several exhibitions in Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark).

Also exhibited in Holland and England.

Purchased by official institutions and private collectors.

Worked as drawing master in courses and as teacher in form and colours in schools.

Worked as freelancer with layout in magazines.

Done/doing logos, artwork, design and layout.


First music instrument at the age of 6 years: Flute.

Started to play in Brass Band at the age of 7 years: Wind instruments and drums.

The first acoustic guitar at the age of 20 years.

In bands; pop, rock and R&B; singing and percussion. -  In other bands; world music; percussion, didgeridoos and voice.

Alone; acoustic guitar and voice. Duo; acoustic guitars, harmonica and voices.

CD releases:

Norway - 1997:

Band: URD

Title: Ginnungagap

Artwork: Genio

Layout: URD

Photos: Eva Fredriksen. - Erik Gronneberg, Oslo Camera Club

National and International distribution by: Musikkoperatorene (The Music Operators)

Broadcasted in different local radio stations and NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation)


Spain - 2001:

Genio: Lyrics, vocal and acoustic guitar

Title: In the Garage

Layout: Genio

Photos: Genio, Genia, Jan

Distribution: Genio

Broadcasted by local radio stations in Spain

England - 2003:

Genio: Lyrics, vocal and acoustic guitar

Title: UK is OK

Artwork, design and layout: Genio

Photos: Norwegian Studio

***Several articles about Genio in local and national newspapers in Norway.

***Articles about Genio in weekly and monthly magazines in Norway.

***Interviews and performance in different local radio stations, NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) and national Television programs in Norway.

***Performance in local Spanish Television.

Performances, alone and with bands, in streets, parks, indoors and outdoors festivals, concerts, clubs, bars, local and national radio stations, local and national television.

Moved to London in 2001. Played in London for approx. two years in pubs, clubs and bars at Open Mic/Floorspot places.


Worked as freelance journalist in magazines.

Write lyric (songs and poetry) in prose


Travelled the world; Europe, Africa, the Far East and USA. Mostly lived in Norway, but also lived in Denmark, Italy and Spain for longer periods as executive artist.


Member of The Musicians Common Organisation (when he lived in Norway)

Member of The Guild of International Songwriters and Composers (England)


Living image (video) is Genio’s latest way of expression.

Started in 2007 to make videos – music videos and cinepoetry –

by mixing art (drawings, paintings, photos and camcorder) with music and/or sound&words.

Videos has been uploaded to several online video/TV channels



CD Baby


“Surrealistic Man” - January 15th - 2008 - at Roxy Bar (Rotoreliefs), Borough High Street – London, UK

“Problem Officer” – June 1st - 2008 - at Vibe Bar (Rotoreliefs), Brick Lane – London, UK

“My Angel” – June 7th – 2008 - at Strawberry Fair Festival – Cambridge, UK

“Surrealistic Man” – August 31st – 2008 - at Portobello Film Festival – London, UK

“The Surrealistic Man” – March 3rd – 2009 - at Roxy Bar (Quick Flick). Borough High Street – London, UK

“A Long Narrow Street” – April 27th – 2009 - at Vibe Live (East End Film Festival – EEFF). Brick Lane – London, UK


“Stumbling Road” – May 28 - 2007 featured at Live Leak - USA

“Money Man” – February 13th to 18th 2008 as ‘featured’ at BritFilms TV - UK



Mogaten 2   -   Rjukan   - Norway...1971

Raadhuset   -   Rjukan   -   Norway...1972

Gallery Mercur   -   Copenhagen   -   Denmark...1972

Gallery Giraffen   -   Copenhagen   -   Denmark...1972

Imicroscopet   -   Copenhagen   -   Denmark...1972

Gallery Purple Door   -   

Copenhagen   -   Denmark...1972

Skien Parkbiograf   -   Skien   -  Norway...1973

Club 7   -   Oslo   -   Norway...1973

Gallery De Dromme Dar   -   Emmen   -   Holland...1975

Raadhuset   -   Rjukan   -   Norway...1975

Gallery Compendium   -   Oslo   -   Norway...1975

Modern Nordisk Konst   -   Goteborg   -  Sweden...1978

Gallery Bislett   -   Oslo   -  Norway...1980

Skaarer Gaard   -   Lorenskog   -  Norway...1981

Raadhuset   -   Rjukan   -   Norway...1982

Gallery Pigalle   -   Moss   -   Norway...1986

Gallery Biblo   -   Rjukan   -   Norway...1987

Herredshuset   -   Hole   -  Norway...1989

Hotell Ringerike   -   Honefoss   -  Norway...1990

Gallery Park Hotell   -   Sandefjord   -  Norway...1991

Breien Gaard   -   Honefoss   -   Norway...1996

Kinogalleriet   -   Rjukan   -   Norway...1996

Cafe Olsen   -   Oslo   -   Norway...1996


Rjukan Kunstforening   -   Rjukan   - Norway...1969

Skiensmessen   -   Skien   -   Norway...1970

Studenteruka   -   Skien   -   Norway...1971

Kulturuken   -   Rjukan   -   Norway...1971

Telemark Vaarutstilling   -   Skien   -   Norway...1971

Skrivergaarden   -   Gvarv   -   Norway...1975

Ibsenhuset   -   Skien   -   Norway...1975

Telemark Vaarutstilling   -   Skien   -   Norway...1975

Vi i Tinn   -   Rjukan   -   Norway...1977

Gallery Grotten   -   Oslo   -   Norway...1984

Gallery Pigalle   -   Moss   -   Norway...1985

Gallery Mevlana   -   Oslo   -   Norway...1991

Hole Kunstforening   -   Hole   -   Norway...1991

Gronlie Villaen   -   Honefoss   -  Norway...1993

Voienvolden Gaard   -   Oslo   -  Norway...1994

Nycomed   -   Oslo   -  Norway...1995

Barbeint (Eros & Psyche)   -   Oslo   -   Norway...1995

Greenwitch Village (Eros & Psyche)   -   

Oslo   -   Norway...1996

Alternativt Nettverk Messe   -   Oslo   -  Norway...1996

Kult-Ur-Festivalen   -   Sorumsand   -   Norway...1997

Gallery Breien   -   Honefoss   -   Norway...1997

Rockefeller (Club 7 jubileum)   -   Oslo   -  Norway...1998

Hemingway Cafe   -   Oslo   -   Norway...1998

Alternativhuset   -   Tonsberg   -   Norway...1998

Aarvoll Gaard   -   Oslo   -   Norway...1999

Kunstnerhuset   -   Modum   -   Norway...2000

Cable Street Gallery & Studios   -   

London   -   England...2002

Parallax Art Fair -

Chelsea London - England...2016


Skien Kunstforening

Rjukan Bibliotek

Rjukan syke- og aldershjem

Tinn Kommune

Hole Kommune

Gamlelosjen (Oslo)

Norsk Hydro

Teacher in drawing

Aftenskolen (Honefoss)

Naeringsakademiet (Honefoss)

Teacher in forms and colours

Vik skole

Royse skole

Study Tours

Paris/France – 1975

Toscana/Italy – 1982 – 83

Andalucia/Spain – 2000 - 01