genio and genia

met a year after genia had opened up for her channelizing in drawing and writing and...

it gave birth to ggXpress

ggXpress is genio&genia in expression, by themselves or together in cooperation

Each of them has their own expression of creativity but, they cooperate with drawing and text; genia makes the drawings and genio writes into them and... they call it; drawing&text

They look at ggXpress as more than only a place for their artistic expressions.

They use the word ggXpress as the expression of their philosophy of life, where they put daily life, health and self-development together with their artistic creativity


They have both used psychic, healing and mediumship when they lived in Norway, and their philosophy also embraces this part of life as a natural part of their life …

Creativity is the key of ggXpress

The sparks which give life to ggXpress are how they think, feel and act, what they eat and, how they exercise bodies and meditation on an everyday basis … how they use their creativity as artists ….

The source is creativity in all its diversity - it’s a way of living