About ggXpress

Our artist names are genio and genia, names we adopted when we lived under the Spanish sun for a year ... Why those names and, why the Spanish sun ? ... By giddiness ... ? ... or an explanation can be that we just follow our passion to do what we want ... which leads to open up for expressing ourselves through different kind of artistic creation, yes, of course, we just love to feel inspiration, passion, spontaneity, impulsivity ... using curiosity, joy and intuition ...

The value of being inspired is about getting thoughtful and emotional sparks, which give you inspiration, insight and the urge to be creative yourself. These sparks of inspiration may put you in different moods –

you may be happy and joyful,

passionate and horny,

angry and frustrated

and so on ...

it is all sparks which start insight in you.

Aggressive and angry sparks throw you into creativity as well as

kind and joyful sparks.


Photo: Karen Beate Nosterud VG

Most people look at the physical life as the only life, not what is going on within; the psychological and spiritual life. With our art we give inspiration and creativity for insight. When we upset anyone by touching taboos, we touch suppressed energy in people, which should be released to get more freedom to use free flow of thoughts and emotions. Both negative and positive energies are innate parts of everyone. Do not lock up your sparks of life.

Free flow of energy is important when you are inspired and use your creativity. It gives you insight in the unique being as the person you are.

We are all pieces in a jigsaw, the jigsaw of humanity. Inspiring each other.

We work with art, in a physical way, but emphasize the psychological and spiritual work behind; our connection with all and everyone. We use our energy to continue to be creative and be inspired ... it gives a side-effect, oh-yes, as parts of the jigsaw: ... we then help others to be inspired and creative ... inspired to be eager, crazy, funny, embarrassed, angry or whatever – the importance is to be inspired.

If ggXpress inspires you emotionally and/or in thoughts, we will be thrilled. We continue our creative journey of being inspired by expressing ourselves through art, continue to create art and inspire you and others. As artists we work with drawings, paintings, music, songs, poetry, books and videos. Our creativity may get you inspired to be creative, maybe in another way of expression ... no matter how ... the importance is to be filled with the spark of inspiration and creativity.