genia doesn’t remember how old she was when she started to express herself with pencil and paper in drawing but, she knows she’s always been drawing.


It can only be said that she’s born with the ability; some people are more visual, using their senses, while others are more word users; using their brain.


This ability might have a connection to her birthplace; a farm north of the town Aalesund by the coast in Norway … because … the ever changing nature, mountains and the sea, are so beautiful that words are too small to describe it


… it has to be experienced without words; in a visual way … as she understood …

Unfortunately, her stubbornness to make everything perfect, made her tear up her drawings as fast as she drew them.


She wasn’t satisfied, which is a very human characteristic, and pushed herself to make better and better expressions of her view of herself and life.


This tear-up-habit, which developed into a bad habit, followed her while growing up, and it continued into her adulthood.


It was on the night to her thirty-five-years-day that a sudden change occurred; - she started to draw and write without thinking, without knowing what to think, or draw, or write; in other words; she started to channelize.

Channelizing gave her a new point of view of herself and what she was drawing and writing.


In addition to drawing, she had been writing from early age with imagination and joy, but … channelizing was creativity with another “face”; it was an automatic twist.


She started to ask questions in her mind, and answers came through her, her hand, her pen and … to the paper. She asked personal questions, but also in her work as an aromatherapist, and got answers from a spiritual guide about oils, creams e.g. as well as physical, psychological and spiritual information and hints about the health of her clients.