genio started when he was six years old to play piccolo flute, because he was so small as a piccolo flute, almost, in a brass band in his hometown Rjukan; a little valley town in south of Norway, a gap in the mighty mountain plateau; Hardangervidda, where the proud mountain Gausta towers as the highest mountain in south Norway, and … the mountain Gausta is the home of the mighty Gausta Troll.


It’s said … this is the reason genio was born with widespread flowering imagination … which covers everything from fairy tales to reality … and beyond … and back again ……


… and he continued from piccolo flute to b-cornet, to trumpet and continued into rhythm instruments, where he was stuck for years and years, playing in bands.


His incurable appetite to experience everything between everything and nothing, made him, in his youth, become a seaman, and he became a circumnavigator; three times around our planet.


Back home, he went on with his investigation about life in other ways.

He got a guitar into his hands and started writing songs when he had learned his first three guitar cords.


Writing songs took off into more writing … plus … a habit he had practised since he was seven years old; … drawing … popped up as a burning need for being explored more, and more, and it developed into painting.


- He explored himself and life between music, writing, drawing and painting.


It developed, and developed … and still develops … - *


Music as a part of writing and writing as a part of music, and reciting or singing his expressions, which makes him a singer/songwriter.


- * Drums, different drums and other percussion instruments, didgeridoo and chanting, alone or in bands.


– * Writing; songs, poems, books or writing words in whatever suitable and necessary way in the moment. – *


Drawing and painting. Paintings carried out in oil.


– * Making videos, where he puts his unlimited free flow into action … as good as he can.