I’m a scorpion


I’m a scorpion

walking about feeling people

how they are

I haven’t seen it all

but one day I will know

what’s going on here

on this earth

when I’m satisfied

I’ll disappear


Life looms as a moving theatre

people make their performance

wherever they are

life and death turn faces

I’m wondering what’s behind

is there a reason

beyond my mind

I’m doing my observations

learn and learn


I’m an investigator of my dreams

from my soul to my open eyes

an investigator of my life

looking for who I am

an investigator of the death

looking for the real reality

is death more real

than life


People are People


Refr: /: People are people

wherever I see them

people are people

wherever I meet them

yellow is yellow

red is red

brown is brown

black is black

white is white

colour is colour :/


This earth is my home

I have nowhere else to go

I try to get along

with the people I meet

sometimes it’s really hard

other times I do succeed

but I don’t understand

why all this fight


Someone once said

that this world will be taken in

I’m sure that’s right

but I don’t wanna forget to dream

someone can crash me down

others can lift me up

it isn’t always easy to know

what kind of people I meet


Wherever I’m on my way

I meet people on their way

I don’t wanna change people

I only wanna live my way

the more I let people be people

the more I can be myself

yeah people wanna be themselves

and live their own way



Paul Gauguin


August Strindberg wrote:

“Gauguin is a savage

he hates the civilization and its limitations

he is a kind of a Titan

envious of the creator and in lost moments

he himself brings some of the creation

into existence”


Canvases filled with sun suck the depth

out of the colours

the senses breathe in the warmth – the close

the palpable

you painted the essential Paul Gauguin

cut out disturbing details and frustrated rules

your vigorous rhythmical outlines

jump towards us

with glowing musical colouring

burn into our world of image


You were disunited – agonized

were in a rage towards Europe

where the domination of gold ruled

everything was rotten – the people – the art

the priggism of the citizens

the straitjacket of the society

you left it all

became the painter of the southern

French Polynesia – Tahiti

expectations of the primitive

the hunt for happiness – The Paradise – the simple

the thorough-going good - the clean

the home of freedom and beauty where

life is song and love

the complete surrender of ecstasy

and the profound rest of the mind


But you were persecuted by misery and poverty

the truth was that the dream was only a dream

you painted yourself suffering on the cross

The Yellow Christ – powerless – given up

unprotected – betrayed – the lonely – the outlaw

the expelled

the public scorned you – the rude subtilized critics

mocked you

you were the anarchist - the rude savage

who fought like a furious

for your own better world


In waves from the highest top

of happiness

to the deepest darkness of depression


all life travels in the end

into the hands of death

even on the exotic tropical island Tahiti


The fight of the dreamer

against reality

the fight of the genius

for move – development

fight against stagnation – frozen ideas

and deep-frozen emotions

and the power of the colours’ intensity

shimmers - suggestionizes

melts away cold souls

thanks Paul Gauguin

we need dreamers and vanguards


Paul Gauguin wrote:

“You have to be a savage

or a child

to believe that an artist

is a useful human”


Edvard Munch


Refr : Edvard Munch - Madonna - Vampire

Fear - The Scream - The Dance of Life

Edvard Munch


Edvard Munch

Morning Puberty

The Kiss - Passion - Jealousy - Melancholy

while people laughed and made mockery

and the critics sharpened their sarcastic pens

you went on working

in restless self-examination

gave yourself away

without inhibitions

*** the sun in the ocean

the sky in waves

the landscape curls wriggles winds

twists moves lives lives ......



Edvard Munch on soul-travelling

through the tangle of love through the bog of hate

into nervous attacks that

carried you into the territory of insanity

* and your brushes struggled

pointed out exaggerated left out changed

spoke listened while your eyes

saw a sunset

with flaming masses of blood

*** the sun in the ocean

the sky in waves

and the life was so close

so tight – so wild – so deep – so painful

that your heart shrank – beat hard – beat fast

beat and beat and beat and ..........



Edvard Munch

resting times with The Girls on The Bridge

summer-smell of seaside town

* Pan and Eros - Evening Hour - Moonlight

Mystic of Beach - Fertility

then the fantasy came

like a hand of fever with gasp for breath

with eroticism – ecstasy - death

and hunger for release

* and the yearning was a flame

that lightened up your pictures of the soul

where Cupid and Psyche danced

swirling - locked in an embrace

Edvard Munch - Madonna - Vampire

Fear - The Scream - The Dance of Life

Edvard Munch

Madonna - Vampire

Fear - The Scream

The Dance of Life


Pablo Picasso


In the age of 14

you drew like Raphael

in your long life

you sought the child within you

* you sought the impulsivity - the spontaneity

your intuition should burst out like a waterfall

you trampled on sanity and logic

juggled ruthless with laws and rules

*** Pablo Picasso - you opened new roads for us

new horizons with paradoxes

our understanding of beauty

became otherwise


Freedom as accomplishment

freedom to experiment

to research in the unknown

status quo crumbled away

* you broke down tore apart - reduced eliminated

destroyed crushed and new forms saw the light

you began to construct and build

bore cubism into our lives

*** Pablo Picasso - you opened new roads for us

new landscapes where we could travel through

you said: to create isn’t to seek

but to find


You created in love enthusiasm

in anger pain powerless desperation

a bull in a sunny bullring

the Spanish centaur

* a rebel an adventurer - like the joker

back and forth between grotesque violence and

peaceful meditation

a genius makes its marks on the world

like the fruit blesses the tree

*** Pablo Picasso - you opened new roads for us

new attitudes new impulses

it takes courage

to be oneself


Vincent van Gogh


The light had spikes - pierced your eyes

the sun ran over - your brain melted

trembling breath - the colours were your fever

and the whole world

was your burning mind

* you are living here and now

in your flaming sunflowers

your old worn-out shoes

we recognize you as a glimpse in ourselves

sky-whirls - deep nights

quivering trees and people as plain people


Loneliness squeezes - desperation tears apart

ingenuity burns - the passion is skinless

your palette - your coloured brushes - gave the beauty a face

that you shared

with all your glowing

*Dear Vincent

you gave all you had

your yearning was your suffering

your canvas was your altar

you showed us that everything has life

rolling fields - vibrating rooms

teem vitality - even the air is intense


Art is life - life is movement

the roots of the soul is hope - and pure energy

the consuming fire - that lived within you

was filled with pain

it was your lot

* you travelled in your own tracks

your sanity was at war

and the hope was your failure

but the chase inside of you

came to an end

the life aspire - the death redeem

that you did know

your pulsations live forever


Salvador Dali


Always moving on like - perpetual motion

always moving in your - hunting mind

* always moving on like - curious lovers

always moving in your - passion of life


you saw the unity in opposites - the paradox of life

anarchy is order - and order is anarchy

* realism is mysticism - mysticism is realism

the irrational is natural - the real is surrealism


Refr : Salvador Dali - you inspire to see

inspire the key to be

inspire the experience of the

surrealistic parts of me

Salvador Dali - you inspire to be

inspire the key to see

inspire to use the imagination

as a way that makes me free


What does it matter - cold or hot soft or hard

what does it matter - everything or nothing

* what does it matter - downside-up upside-down

what does it matter - as long as it works


a hysterical car - a psychotic umbrella

a delirious mouse - in a dream for breakfast

* nothing is bizarre - when insanity is love

‘cause love is art - like a horny Dali



Surrealism is surrealissimuss - bissihissitissifissikissimissimuss

down to the bottom of the edge - and then a deep deep breath of life

* no magic in medicine - no dreams in mechanism

no maturity in youth - no moon in the sun


Stop thinking be experience - systematize confusions

express depressed neurosis - start being what you are

* live your loving madness - otherwise regret

love yourself - otherwise don’t be



Surrealistic Man


It was an early Sunday afternoon

I didn’t know what to do

walking around here in Spain relaxed

catch the sun and dream

* the whole world talked to me

in pictures colours and sounds

told me to follow the tracks

I was on

and the tracks told me to dream


Refr : I’m the Surrealistic Man

living my surrealistic way

I’m the Surrealistic Man

living for the day today


Religion philosophy and rules

were far away from me

condemnation grows from ignorance you know

a nightmare is not a dream

* the road I was on was a special one

it wasn’t made of stones and sand

it wasn’t made by machines or

human hands

my soul followed my dream



What to do was only to be

experience my whispering roots

there was a timeless sound

that called my name

said: “listen to you dream”

* the surrealistic river flows

through my bones through my senses

the magic of imagination

is real

I’m in Spain guided by my dream



I heard a voice somewhere from nowhere

with a language from the heart of Spain

it was the soul of Salvador Dali I heard

talking from his visionary dream

* “the life never ends” he said

“it’s no God no Devil anywhere

it’s only love and pure


and the clue is to stay in your dream”



Behind the masks of the fool


Refr : Once I was the fool

now I am the genius

once I was in disguise

now I’m truly me

I was someone else

everybody else

lived behind the masks

of the fool


Behind the masks of the fool

lives a little scared figure

it’s the master of masks making masks

for every need

every move in life

* just order what kind of mask

and the master of masks gives you

what do you gonna be

who do you gonna be

who do you wanna copy this time



I was the clown the joker the chameleon

and changed masks for every occasion

I could be the one you wanted me to be

and you were the one I wanted you to be

* my anguish ordered masks

and my master of masks was gifted

mask by mask faced the world

smiling invisible fear



It was layer upon layer

of others pictures inside me

I had to work through the layers

destroy the copies of other people

* now I’m on my own

left the masks behind

my master of masks is gone

I am released



Boots better than a friend


The day arrived when I felt

it was time to move again

in my boots

better than a friend

my face was expectation

and my mind was filled with hope

I was wondering

what would happen day by day


My surrounding turned to be turns

from flower to exhaust

and my legs had adventure

as destiny

each ray of sunshine was freedom

and each raindrop was like peace

and whatever my boots decided to

I knew it was right for me


My travel ended suddenly

when I met Maria and her smile

I didn’t know

how I could say no and walk away

I surely meant to have found

the only one for me

and my boots

were put away as worn out days


My feelings alternated between

rest and strange confusion

and my days turned to annoying

gloomy doubt

my memories of the life of past

became a wish dream on the side

until the day I said goodbye

with my boots as alibi


Once again I’m together

with my satisfied boots

and my spirit

talks to everyone who comes by

in daylight and in twilight

I’m just a plain traveller

but in night time

I’m earth and air and water


Listen to the brooks

and be aware of every tree

smile to the wind when it greets you

and help every little living

it is my pray to you

if you forget what

living is about

and if you meet me on my travel

ask my boots

what it is to be




We arrived in London at Victoria Station

then to Hyde Park by tube

my love and me two suitcases a rucksack

the guitar and stars in our eyes

bed and breakfast in Queensborough

50 pounds a night

we had to go ahead focus our aims

before the money ran away



Oh London your name gives the magic touch

that makes a heart move

happiness or disaster

who will succeed who will get down and out


What we knew about London could be written in my hand

but we knew it was chances for us

for they who try it’s a melting pot

where everything can happen

we started in Oxford Street

to Bond Street and Tottenham Court Road

into Soho and Covent Garden

down to Piccadilly Circus




I had my easel my palette and my coloured brushes

my guitar and my didgeridoos

my love had her drawing pad

and her power as a psychic healer

we walked and walked talked and talked

possibilities round next corner

we got sore feet tired muscles

worn out thoughts and minds




We started to get short of money

had to get out from the bed-sit in Camden

into a workspace in Limehouse

a big closed down Sweet Factory

50 square feet

sink and toilet in the corridor

this wasn’t our dreams about London

we wondered who cast the die




UK is OK


I’ve been travelling from place to place

from country to country to find my space

I’ve looked everywhere

UK is OK

it’s OK in UK for me


From Europe to Africa the Far East

cross the Pacific to Mexico and US

I’ve looked everywhere

UK is OK

it’s OK in UK for me


Darwin made a revolution

Churchill is victory and peace

Kings Queens Lords

Robin Hood is the hero

benefits social security

Emmeline Pankhurst and punk

UK is OK

it’s OK in UK for me


The Beatles Rolling Stones

Elton John Bowie Amy Winehouse

Pink Floyd smashed the wall

UK is OK

it’s OK in UK for me


Stonehenge and ghosted houses

investigations by Sir Oliver Lodge

the spirits are alive

UK is OK

it’s OK in UK for me


Magic of Harry Potter

wisdom of Winnie-the-Pooh

footprints of Alice in Wonderland

fingerprints of Sherlock Holmes

visions of Blake and Turner

echoes of Dickens and Shakespeare

UK is OK

it’s OK in UK for me


I’ve been travelling from place to place

from country to country to find my space

I’ve looked everywhere

UK is OK

it’s OK in UK for me

UK is OK

it’s OK in UK for me



It’s raining every day


Life isn’t nice

life isn’t kind

it’s traps wherever I go

life is a failure

like a missing link

a tragedy that never should have happened

My legs are heavy stones

my body is dull and sleepy

my head is empty and silent

my mind is not here

Refr: It’s raining every day

I never see the sun

the days are always a nightmare


I feel an undercurrent power

of hidden motives

of rotten secret thoughts

it’s condemnation in the air

nowhere to hide away

no shelter no safety no mercy

I don’t believe in the future

‘cause the future is made of the present

and it’s a jungle of fear everywhere

depressed behind every smile



Life is hard

life is brutal

it’s crooks wherever I am

it’s swindlers everywhere

thieves and hypocrites

I must always be on guard

The life has learned me to be

always awake and suspicious

I’m feeling scared every day

of how people are



People disappoint me

people hurt me

people are ruthless and false

people are sly

mean to each other

I can never trust anyone

‘Cause of shallow-brained desires

the egotism is thick as porridge

the arrogance is packed like sardines

it’s a narrow-minded time



I see convulsive positivism

that covers up dread

and hide away insecurity

I see envy from the roots of the

inferiority complexes

it’s a swamp a filthy atmosphere

I see superficial backbiters

wait on line

they wait for a chance to bite

I see brainwashed people all around me

who follow books and obey others

cold fanatic head people

with no connection to their emotions

insensibility is a dangerous

state of being

I wanna stay alone




Just pissed off


Too many

all too many

are using synthetic chemicals

going crazy nuts berserk

delirious demented hysterical

obvious insane

and then

you can’t trust them anymore


just as politicians

smooth-faced smooth-spoken

sly lies foxy smiles

broken promises ‘cause of greed

power-hunger power-thirst power-mad

it’s sad bad

it doesn’t make me glad


it’s a shame

when the power-game

gives stormy days

triggers chaos hurricanes thunder

lightning downpour flood


we all get pissed off


no one or nothing

to trust

just pissed off


The Insanity of Humanity


Mother Earth has used – billions of years

to create physical living

humanity has used – a few hundred years

to sabotage what she’s giving


we’ve distorted and abused – thwarted and misused

the values of Mother Earth

we’ve annoyed pure vivacity – destroyed innate capacity

ignorant of real worth


as we kill our vitality – of natural sexuality

with rigid morality

we kill our sensitivity – of liberal impulsivity

with invalid reality


the insanity of humanity

gives activity to stupidity

stupidity is just as free

as frequency of rapacity


when will we learn – learn to turn

when will we learn – learn to learn


Bags of money democracy


Ask a politician about

right and wrong

and for sure

you get words of daylight

* but the smell of money moves invisible as

shadows in the night

in the # bags of money democracy #


a little lie here

a little lie there

secrets hush-ups

beat about the bush

* it’s piles of monkey business

in full play

behind the scenes

in the # bags of money democracy #


sly tongues

denials and excuses when

honesty is measured with

a pinch of salt

* how is it ever possible to trust anyone

when money and power are two of a kind

in the # bags of money democracy #


when greed and ignorance

group in the dark

fear smiles its

victorious smile

* and the fools are buying artificial status and

superficial power

in the # bags of money democracy #


The Super Rich


They are – liars – cheaters – brutal egoists

narrow-minded and selfish

disgraceful – tragic – with conceited lifestyle

sly and mean ‘cause

sleaziness and corruption are

a need in their mind


they’re pitiful beings filled with

trembling fear for being a loser

their inferiority complex twists in

panic and anxiety for not

being adored and focused as

a great special one


their power greed is so strong that even

torture terror and murder are

accepted as legal actions


paranoia whispers


these greedy power people indulge in

their mentally disturbed world

believing they’re some kinds of gods


as we know

trying to play gods ends up in

disastrous disasters and

stupid stupidity


the only ones who don’t see it are

the greedy ones themselves


greed doesn’t only make you

cruel – nasty – ugly – callous – cynical – tragic

ignorant – stupid and so on







Refr: Soldiers who do they serve

the poor or the rich

soldiers who do they obey

the good ones or the evil ones


orders are clear enough soldier

practise for battle and fight

let discipline occupy your time

learn that war is necessary

that peace will never be complete

* learn to take sight at your enemy

to kill for not to be killed

learn that weapons are your friends

and violence is a matter of course




orders are clear enough soldier

learn to be tough and cold

as the soulless metal of the robot

rape plunder and torture

are parts of your mixture

* have courage as a lion

steel in your arms and legs

follow given instructions

from your officers in charge




orders are clear enough soldier

shut up and keep step

don’t think be on guard

stand up and kill with skill

the power of weapons is approved

* you’re not your own master

but a tool of the will of others

you may protect what grows

or trample on the flowers in the fields




soldiers who are they

behind their uniforms

soldiers who are they

are they people like you and me

soldiers they kill whether it’s

babies children

young or old

sisters brothers

fathers mothers


The 21th century


I asked him about the road to

peace and freedom

he laughed and said

“Your paradise isn’t here

‘cause it’s religious freaks everywhere

they run around among toxic chemicals

artificial food and medicine

superficial life styles

greedy bankers

bribed politicians

hysterical celebs and

other short-minded narrow-minded brains”


Refr: < It’s the 21th century

and the silence of the universe is the only time

it’s the 21st century

and the stars are shining so bright

it’s the 21st century

and eternity is the only freedom of the soul >


I hitched for a lift

to find the source of love and truth

but it turned out to be a joke

‘cause I was on the wrong planet

where the whip of faith flogs reality and

the veil of greed embraces confused souls

where ignorance and stupidity

walk hand in hand on the road of

arrogance and megalomania


the ultimate state of peace and freedom

is only

proclaimed when

the elixir is love




Amazing life


* Amazing life - how sad to see

those who are living as blind

* when I see all the greed

the ignorance and violence

I know insanity is a part of

our mind


* amazing life - how sweet it could be

if people could wake up and be free

* free from religions

from narrow-minded profit

from rules that suppress

the joy to be


* amazing life - how sweet it is

when love shows us the way

* as a flower with its beauty

is the seed of wisdom

is gratitude the vitality of

each day


Together with you


* I’m feeling so good

safe relaxed

when I’m together with you

* I’m feeling so glad

strong wise

when I’m together with you

* ‘cause I don’t have to fight

for being myself

when I’m together with you

-*- the whole world is in me

the whole life is in me

problems pass by as a pleasant procession of

insignificant problems

from a vanished time

-*- I’m curious inquiring trying

seeking sensing dancing

when I am

together with you


* I’m feeling so crazy

wild free

when I’m together with you

* I’m feeling so playful

sexual erotic

when I’m together with you

* ‘cause I don’t have to fight

for being myself

when I’m together with you

-*- my longings barriers prisons shatter

in millions billions trillions bright

atoms protons hormones pieces of colouring

new fresh forces of love

when I’m together with you


I’m feeling so beloved

deep – deep deep deep – into my soul

when I’m together with you

* ‘cause I don’t have to fight

for being myself

when I’m together with you


What should I do


[This first verse is repeated three times.

Because of 3 different vocal pitches]

What should I do if you

walked away – (third time: from me)

what should I do if you

didn’t love me anymore

what should I do if you

found someone else

and left me behind

like a blind


[This second verse is repeated three times.

Because of 3 different vocal pitches]

The more I love you the more

I grow – (third time: to know love)

the more I love you the more

I’m afraid of losing you

the more I love you the more

I understand why

why love is the source of life

thank you my love


Let’s be real


Be aware of fire-and-brimstone preachers

preachers of hate condemnation and discrimination

dangerous fanatics who wanna catch you

scare and lure you into their psychotic world

love doesn’t need any god prophet or religion

love is our own responsibility

:/: don’t be taken in :/:

wake up

:/: let’s be real :/:


Refr: /: let’s disclose

those who make us blind

exploit and confuse us

those who befool us

at the expense of all of us

at the sacrifice of truth

at the sacrifice of love and life


Don’t believe everything you read and hear

it’s too many clever manipulators

too many use all their time

to make hard times for others

ignorance and stupidity

are two mighty forces

let’s learn to recognize them

don’t be taken in

wake up

:/: let’s be real :/:




Deep in the mountains


There is a valley deep in the mountains

where time moves slow

the winter sparkles white and cold

the summer is pictures

from the sun


It’s the home of lemmings

gluttons and reindeers

in the mountainside hunts the lynx

my childhood was coloured by open spaces

by pine and spruce

and gushing brooks


I left my safe valley behind

thought life was good and clean

into the world of

struggling and competition

where humans

make the rules


I learned hate envy

arrogance and condemnation

became worn out like a bondman

fear and sorrow

it strangles makes blind

but most of all

inside myself


I have flowers and rivers

in my blood and my soul

the nature speaks all the time

tells me to be

where I belong

where my face

is pictures

of myself